Codependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics

treatment_codepAndChilOfAl~~element8If you grew up in an alcoholic, addictive, or otherwise chaotic family, you and your siblings each took roles to compensate for the family dynamics. The responsible child often becomes the codependent adult…which can perpetuate itself if that person pursues relationships with people who “need” a good codependent in their life. But the skills that helped you survive your family dynamics are likely creating problems for you as an adult. At some point you realize these coping tools are no longer helping and you’re not thriving.

Moving out of codependence – or the other roles you took as a result of your family of origin dynamics – can be scary. Therapy can help you become free to learn who you really are – so that you can engage in healthy give-and-take relationships. When the people in your life are no longer sucking you emotionally dry, you will be able to thrive and like who you’ve become.

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