Parenting Support

treatment_parentingSupport~~element8Whether your child has a disorder that makes life challenging for your family (Aspergers, Bipolar, ADHD, etc.) or whether you simply are looking to better support your child through difficulties he or she is having, it is important to have support from someone able to work objectively with you in the circumstances. Parents often become defensive over their child’s difficulties, fearing that it means they are a bad parent.

If you’re willing to look at what you can do to help your child thrive, as well as to have the support to make positive changes, it is possible to find support for yourself and to better be able to support your child. Fonda enjoys helping parents who have abdicated their legitimate authority as a parent to reclaim their role as parent in a collaborative and non-defensive way. Your relationship with your child is for life; let’s make it the best it can be now.

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