Introduction to Therapy and the Services of Fonda Hart, LMFT

Fonda Hart has been providing therapy to children, adolescents and adults since 1995, and received her MFT license in 2002. She is available to provide individual, family and marital therapy, as well as support for parents needing tools for more effective parenting.

Whether you are seeking counseling to improve your relationships, enhance life skills, or whether you are seeking healing through the deeper work of psychotherapy– you are making a good choice to consider seeing a therapist.

Fonda works from a “strengths-based” treatment paradigm. In addition to assessing the presenting problems that prompt a person to initiate counseling, she assesses the strengths and assets a person brings to the process – personally or in their environment – and builds upon those in addressing the issues needing to be resolved.

Fonda is experienced in providing EMDR to adults and children. She has worked with many clients to provide trauma resolution and anxiety management using this and other interventions.

Having spent several years in full-time Christian ministry, Fonda enjoys working with missionaries and pastors’ families. She is familiar with the dynamics specific to being in full-time and/or cross-cultural ministry and has several years experience counseling missionaries and pastors and their families. She also enjoys working with TCK’s/MK’s.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Fonda Hart at (559) 801-1430 or at

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