Fonda Hart, RN, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

BrainPaint in Fresno, California

Neurofeedback as a science made its debut in the 1960’s. However, during the 70’s, funding for research was redirected to pharmaceuticals. The unfortunate consequence of this is that research for neurofeedback nearly halted and neurofeedback’s status as a science diminished.

In the 21st century, with technological advances, neurofeedback is making a comeback and gaining new respect. Some believe it is the wave of the future in mental health and wellness.

BrainPaint neurofeedback is a software-based neurofeedback program that provides new opportunities for brainwave training. Because the calibration is automated, BrainPaint eliminates the significant margin of clinician error that could occur with older systems; it provides a more-finely tuned and richer feedback process.

Also, because BrainPaint provides the Alpha-Theta brainwave training, it uniquely brings unprecedented options for retraining brainwave activity related to trauma and PTSD, panic symptoms, and even attachment breeches - including RAD.

BrainPaint is being used successfully with attachment-challenged children, to reduce the brain’s defenses and calm the amygdala, and thus allowing the child to begin to attach to his or her adoptive family. Research has shown that the Alpha-Theta training, uniquely, can reactivate certain neural networks in the brain that have been impacted by trauma or attachment wounds. BrainPaint can be utterly life-changing.

No expensive tests are administered before and after the training, as in some forms of neurofeedback. Success is measured empirically, by the client’s assessment of reduced symptoms and improved quality of life.


For a more indepth understanding about how BrainPaint works, you will find some fascinating information on

Sessions are generally twice weekly. The total number of sessions needed varies, depending on the target goals/growth areas and the client’s brain profile. Every brain is unique.

BrainPaint has been found to help with:

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • ADHD and some Learning Disabilities
  • Attachment difficulties
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Seizures, Stroke, Migraine, Fibromyalgia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Bipolar symptoms
  • Depressive symptoms

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BrainPaint in Fresno, California

Fonda Hart pioneered BrainPaint in the Central Valley. She was the first to begin using BrainPaint and has been influential in getting other providers started.

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